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A Valentine's day Tale

posted Feb 13, 2011, 9:07 PM by Christopher Stryker   [ updated Feb 14, 2011, 9:01 PM ]
today we have a post for all you crazy love birds out there from the stories of ...
    written by Nicholas Bennett    
    illustrated by Christopher Stryker

In February I am told it's true
the wind blows very cold and makes you blue
it's never any better, until spring brings warmer weather
and the ice will thaw again but not too soon

There was a man who in those wintry days
had no love bird to share his splintering cage
he'd spent all of his wealth, on his happiness and health
and had no one to correct his erring ways

he sat entrenched among his many things
embracing all the warmth a penny brings
for a penny grows no colder, as its pocket gets much older
it's as glad to be with paupers as with kings

his neighbor had a very different mind
she searched for love as though she'd swiftly find
someone to cure her sorrows, who could share all her tomorrows
but it was she, not love, who in this search was blind

but why go out in search of such a stranger
and expose yourself to darkness and to danger
her neighbor was so handsome, and she knew that he could dance some
she had seen him from her window and it changed her

she'd tell him it was sugar that she needed
and when he smiled she'd know she had succeeded
she'd stoke his heart so bright, on this frozen wintery night
he'd be glad that for his company she'd pleaded

she trudged across the snow and brittle leaves
the hard work had her breathing sighs and heaves
the sounds rang through the air, toward the rich man who was there
and he hid beneath his bed for fear of thieves
Though this action may appear a bit extreme 
His reaction is less rash than it may seem
but his treasures he adored
and he'd been robbed twice before
and when she rapped upon his door he all but screamed

he'd not approach the door and for good measure
afraid the thieves would want more than his treasure
if they saw that he was home, they might hammer all  his bones
and with sharper tools dispatch him at their leisure

so in his fear he reached out for the phone
to call for help for he was all alone
he commanded the police, to come put his mind at ease
and he did so with a swift, important tone

soon flashing lights were seen upon his lawn
the chief came to make sure the thieves were gone
he found the neighbor there, with a much bewildered stare
and they kept her in the jail house until dawn

some hearts are never capable of heating
but only have a knack for hardly beating
both spent the night alone, in the jail or on a throne
in the morning she would be back home retreating