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Barefoot on Bumblebees VS Los Angeles (on MS paint)

posted Jun 7, 2011, 5:47 PM by Christopher Stryker   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 7:15 PM by Alexandra Stryker ]

Once upon a time Christopher Stryker dropped Gianna Purcell off at a seedy Los Angeles Greyhound station in the middle of the night

Having parted with his best friend AGAIN (once on his birthday) on this long journey Christopher was very sad...and tired. Chris decided it was a good idea to sleep in the "Beehive" on the shoulder of the Pacific Coast Highway, for some reason.

it was not...

having not showered since he had left Tucson, Chris decided it was a good idea to bathe himself in the Pacific Ocean.

it was not...

Then Chris' good friend Nick Poulos (who did not leave the country on Chris' birthday two years in a row) offered his place to Chris for a shower. Chris was very grateful. Nick decided it was a good idea for them to grab a beer and unwind after a long day

it was not..... END!

I just wanted to add that I'm actually having a pretty good time in LA! I just thought this was funny...also I like giving G a hard time. EVERYONE WISH HER LUCK IN HER COMPETITION!!!!!