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New Year's Eve: a story of great resolution

posted Jan 1, 2011, 3:44 PM by Christopher Stryker   [ updated Jan 1, 2011, 4:05 PM ]
We’ll continue the adventures of Christopher Stryker and Gianna Purcell next week. For now we’re celebrating the new year with another installment of

New Year's Eve: a story of great resolution

As Ted lit up the last smoke of the day
he felt a certain shudder in his bones
and suddenly he felt as cold as stone
but this strange feeling quickly passed away

He hurried home from work to celebrate
the coming of a wonderful new year
and yet his heart still harbored subtle fears
about the coming year and its clean slate

His heart was full, his mind was all but racing
abounding with unnumbered resolutions
fantastic deeds and wonderful solutions
and l the greater things in life worth chasing

As he turned down his street he thought aloud
these cigarettes are going to be my death
I've got to have less poison in my breath
and he resolved to put this last one out

But as he held it snug within his hand
he felt himself begin to hesitate
he knew that it would never be too late
and that his heart and lungs would understand

"I can still quit right after new year's eve"
he said aloud and with such great conviction
quite satisfied was he with this great fiction
that had had just resolved now to believe

"but wait!" his other side had intervened
"a choice, once made, must be enforced through deeds
small steps to know just where this new path leads
or all the fruits of this will stay unseen"

The cigarette was dropped another inch
much closer to the steel of the ash tray
but lest he let him self get carried away
he stared at it awhile without a flinch

His mind was torn as he approached his house
so much so that he did not see the rain
so wrenching a debate rang through his brain
as tiny drops his windshield now did douse

He parked on his driveway and there he sat
the cigarette still hanging on his fingers
the smoke, before it leaves him, softly lingers
a tempting little shadow on his back

his voice, quite resolute, at last resounds
and breaks the silence, filling up the space
solemnly spitting in tobacco's face
as that last smoke is tossed out to the ground

then proud of his decision and resolve
he places the square straight along his route
and stomps the fire out with a swift boot
a thunderclap applauds and then dissolves

The rain had grown much heavier by now
he hurries with a wish to tell his wife
about the end of his tobacco strife
and when his mind had been made up and how

he walked along his lawn toward the front door
quite pleased with the decision he had made
and as he passed the countless drinking blades
the rain and wind were howling more and more

the flash was more than any eye could bear
it caught him as he passed the old mail box
he couldn't hear the thunder's boisterous knocks
as they rang out triumphant through the air

the cigarette still smoldered on the grass
and he lay subtly doing the same
all his resolve now seemed a foolish game
as all the life within him quickly passed