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Barefoot on Bumblebees Press

9 macabre poems about most of the good holidays, presented with....really disturbing illustrations.(featured on
By: Nicholas Bennett 
Illustrated by: Christopher Stryker

(now available) 8$ Free Shipping

Barefoot on Bumblebees
a series of comics following the adventures of two intrepid youths searching for the meaning of life, the American dream, the secret to happiness and enough money to get to the next town. (featured on
Written and illustrated by: Christopher Stryker

(now available) 5$ Free Shipping

Thanks for Turning Off the Lights (coming soon)

Inside her mysterious "black box," she is detached from space and time, and whenever she returns, she finds the world stranger and more advanced than before.  "Thanks For Turning Off the Lights" is the journey of someone drifting in and out of existence on earth, leap-frogging through history.  It is a demonstration of what the human experience might look like, if seen in random fragments, as though glimpsed in a dream.
By: Nicholas Bennett
Illustrated by: Christopher Stryker